Why you won’t fight with your real love

Why you just don’t argue with the loved of your life

People say arguing in a relationship is normal and that if you don’t argue with your partner once in a while then you must be supressing your emotions and it’s good to have things out in the open, you always have to make compromises to keep both sides happy (or unhappy) and similar clichés.
Well guess what? Me and my husband have been together for 3 years and we haven’t argued once and I can’t tell the future but I don’t see us ever doing it. We have done lots of things and experienced lots of interesting situations together. We travelled in Asia for more than 2 months (and we’re planning to do it again), there were times when both of us worked, or when just one of us worked, he looked at girls like he was undressing them with his eyes, I looked at guys and guys’ crotches, we got lost, we were hungry, we didn’t sleep all night and lots of other situations that could have resulted in arguments. Despite all this we have never even come close to arguing. Ok, there might have been times when I got a bit annoyed and if it were anyone other than Peter it might have ended up in an argument, but Peter didn’t notice my momentary annoyance and he kept being nice and loving, so I went back to being nice and loving too after a few seconds of being annoyed.
I all my previous relationships, and believe me, I had a few of those, I had fights with my partners and Peter had arguments with his exes too. So it’s not like either of us two is special, we are only special together and because of each other. And no, we are not supressing our emotions or keeping quiet when we don’t like something.
We don’t ever argue because we love each other too much to hurt the other one to be anything but nice and caring to them. We discuss things openly, leaving our egos behind. Our love for the one another is much more important than being right. If you love someone, you’re united with that person and that feeling of a separate ego just disappears. Your egos become one, you’re now one entity and you can only exist together. Your other half is just as important as the half you see in the mirror (or even more important). You don’t want what’s best for you anymore, because there’s no more ‘you on your own’, you want what’s best for the both of you together. Arguing with him would be like arguing with yourself, and why the hell would you do that?! These might sound like clichés to you but they’re not, these are my real feelings that I wrote down for you.
It’s this the uniqueness of our relationship that made us like this, it couldn’t have happened with anyone else.
I guess we both have our mistakes, but we don’t think of them as such. Peter’s only mistake I know of is that he can get really angry with electronic devices not working the way he wants them to, and that scared me in the past, but he knows that now and he does his best to control himself and not throw laptops, phones and tablets across the room when they freeze.
I don’t really know my faults and Peter would probably tell you that I have none so there you go 😊.
So I don’t believe people when they say you need to argue once in a while, it’s normal to argue, blah blah, blah…
I say if you’re with your one and only real love then you do not argue because there is nothing to argue about.
What do you think about this? Do you argue with your partner? Have you experienced a relationship where you didn’t argue?

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