10 signs you found the love of your life

I never thought I’d be writing a post like this, but now that I have found the love of my life I can tell you what’s it’s like 🙂

  1. You never ever want to share your favourite food with anyone. Now you’re happy to share everything with him.
  2. You have a huge smile on your face and a warm feeling inside every time you see him.
  3. If he is just a tiny bit late, you suddenly realize how much you have to loose if something happened to him and you’re panicking on the inside until he arrives.
  4. You’re happy to squeeze his pimples out and you would ask him to do the same for you.
  5. You’re just as interested in and concerned about his family members as if they were your own.
  6. You don’t feel right calling him a ‘boyfriend’. I mean, it’s impossible to compare what you two have with your previous relationships. He is so much more than a ‘boyfriend’.
  7. There is no question in your heart that he is the right one and the only one you could and wanted to spend your life with.
  8. When you have that ‘pink cloud’ feeling that you usually get at the beginning of a new relationship, but this time it’s always there. So it’s not a pink cloud anymore, it’s a feeling of happiness you have all the time when you’re with him.
  9. You don’t mind sharing a toothbrush with him.
  10. When you see him cry you cry. When you see him in pain you’re in pain.

    …and last but not least… 

When he asks you to marry him, you don’t hesitate for one nanosecond about what to say.

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