Why don’t I like when you ask me where I am from?

I know people need to ask this question to put others in a category. What the hell, I ask it sometimes. But if you want to put me in a category based on my country of origin, you’ll be putting me in the wrong category.
Where I am from has nothing to do with me. Yeah it’s the place where I was born and spent my childhood at but that’s it, no more. I cannot imagine living there again and I only go back to visit grandmothers, uncles, aunts and cousins who live there. My closest family doesn’t live there anymore, they live in the UK. I don’t associate myself with that place and I don’t consider myself Slovakian. It wasn’t even the first language I spoke. I said my first words in Hungarian, that was the language we spoke at home with my family. I only learned Slovakian in kindergarten.
Do I consider myself Hungarian then? No I can’t say I do. A Hungarian person knows straight away when I say a few sentences that I have a strange accent and my vocabulary includes a few weird words they won’t understand. Sometimes ‘real Hungarians’ look at me in a strange way I feel uncomfortable talking to them.
On the other hand, my Slovakian doesn’t sound that natural either, they can tell straight away that I have an accent there too, even though I speak both languages perfectly.
So what do I consider myself? The answer is international. Or maybe I could say European. But I don’t really belong anywhere and I belong everywhere. I feel at home anywhere where the love of my life is. My home is not connected to a place, it’s connected to a person. We travel together, live at different places and we feel at home  I and comfortable everywhere we go. Every time someone asks me where I am from, I feel like saying: I am from nowhere and everywhere. But they wouldn’t understand, so I just say Slovakia or Hungary, depending on how I feel that day. Sometimes I even say I am from the UK because that’s where our base is, that’s what me and Peter consider to be a ‘home’.

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