Manekin Pancakery, Poland

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Our very favorite restaurant here in Bydgoszcz (and in the whole Poland) is actually a restaurant chain called Manekin. If you’re lucky, there will be one in the city you’re visiting. They are in 7 different cities in Poland (Torun, Bydgoszcz, Poznan, Warsaw, Gdansk, Lodz and Opole). If there isn’t one, then go visit a city where they have one because they’re more than worth it!

They are the best and also the cheapest of the restaurants we’ve been to in Poland. They’re always busy, mostly full of young people and students. It’s actually a Nalesnikarnia, which means “pancakery”.

I am not a fan of pancakes in general, as they’re usually made of flour, they are mostly sweet and not a health food. So when our Airbnb hosts we stayed with at the beginning in Bydgoszcz told us that we just have to try this Manekin place, we didn’t think much of it. We thought we’d give it a try as they recommended it but that’s it. Yeah well since then we have been in there abut 30 times and we have taken all our visitors there at least twice. If someone says to us they don’t really like Manekin, we just look at them in awe.

The restaurant itself is made in a chick, modern style and it has a nice atmosphere. We have also been in the one in Torun and that one has a different design (you can also sit outside there, which you can’t do in Bydgoszcz).

The pancakes themselves are made of soft dough. You can choose between black, green, red and regular (white) pancakes. I have not been able to find out yet what flour they’re made of (sorry) and there is no gluten free option (more sorry). You can then choose between different meat, vegetable, cheese fillings or you can have a sweet pancake too. We don’t recommend having sweet ones as they are incredibly, terribly sweet. But that might be just us, as we are not used to sweet foods, so maybe give them a try if you’ve tried everything else on the menu.

I don’t really have a favorite one, they’re all my favorites (except the sweet ones).

Here’s a few pictures of the pancakes and other food we had in Manekin:

This is a black pancake:

And a salad I had here (they have amazing salads too):

This is their red pancake:

Zurek, a special polish soup that you usually get in bread:

This is the drink I always have there – Mojito beer: (with Peter in the background)




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