Life outside the box

The usual scenario for life is be born, go to nursery, school, university, get a job, buy  house, get married, have kids, work, retire and die. This is what life is about for most people and there is nothing wrong with it, having a family is an incredible thing. But I just don’t think I fit in this box. There was a time in my life when I thought I wanted this, but I wasn’t even with the right guy then so luckily it didn’t happen, which I am incredibly grateful for!

Now that we found each other with the love of my life, we don’t want to live in a box like this. We want to enjoy each other as much as possible, not just on weekends and when we are dead tired after work abd chasing the kids, but all day every day. We want to go to places, be together and love each other always. We won’t spend our time here running around, going to work and chasing our kids with no time for ourselves.

I know some people might be happy with going on a week’s holiday twice a year and working the rest of the time. But not us. We like to learn about a new country’s culture, get a feel of what it’s like to live there, to see what the people there are like. You can’t do that in a week. In a month, maybe. We like to spend at least a month in a new country, possibly more.

How can we afford it? Flexibility is the key here. We are happy to leave everything behind, go anywhere in the world and start over with just a small backpack each. We’re not afraid of change. We don’t know where we’ll be next year and we are happy with that. We don’t have an expensive car, a big house with a mortgage and loads of expensive clothes. Possessions are not that important for us. We prefer to spend our money on traveling long term. Anyone could do it if they wanted to, but most people choose comfort and a box. Yes we have to work, but our lives are not centered around our jobs, and we are not attached to one place.

Even though we are getting married in a month (!), we are not going to settle down. We will keep on traveling until we see everything there is to see (or almost everything).

And do we want kids? That’s a difficult one…and the answer is…we don’t know. When I see cute kids with their happy parents running around in the park, I think I’d want that. But then I realize the box life would come hand in hand with that. We love our life as it is, the two of us together, and things would change a great deal if we had a kid. So we might not have one, ever (sorry mum). Our opinion might change, who knows. We have a few years to decide before I turn 40.

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