The story with the broom man

This is a cute little story about an old guy we met and felt so good about helping him that it will stay with me forever I think. Every time I think about it there is a warm feeling in my heart :).

It was our first night on Koh Phangan and we were so excited to be there that there was no way we were going to sleep. So we decided to go out to the only town on the island, Thonsala. We walked as we didn’t yet have a motorbike.

On the way, there was an old man pushing a big cart with home made brooms on it that he was planning to sell in the town. We saw he had difficulties walking, he was limping on one leg. He carried on slowly, pushing the cart up the hill.

We felt so sorry for him that as we caught up to him we asked: do you need help? Of course first he didn’t understand, and we didn’t know how to say that in Thai, but then he let go of the cart and we started pushing it for him, one of us on either side of it. The man’s face suddenly brightened up with a huge smile. He walked up the hill limping beside us and his cart.

Some people came out of their houses to see what’s happening, two crazy foreign girls pushing an old man’s broom cart. But we couldn’t care less about what they thought, we just felt great looking at the man’s thankful smile.

When we got to the top and the rest of the way was all slightly downhill, the old man took the cart from us and explained with some hand gestures that he would take it from there. Then he thanked us and gave us some kind of blessing in Thai.

Maybe because of his blessing our stay on Koh Phangan was so amazing and it became our favorite place in all of Thailand.

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